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Planet Restoration (PR1328) amplifies regenerative arts and culture. 100% of the donations contributed PR1328’s projects and global community initiatives are tax-deductible.

Bethan Amba Eco-Village

Bethan Amba (Bethany Hill) is the vision of a young man named Terekbe Mersha, who shares, “I am working with the local community here in Lalibela. I am building an eco-village to rent to tourists and generate income for the community, and also provide school materials for the country-side school because they have a shortage of school supplies. I teach the local farmers to create a sustainable life, and how they can increase their products used by organic fertilizer, bee-keeping, growing fruits, and vegetables, and raising poultry.”

Along with Audri Scott Williams, we are reaching out to our global community to appeal for your support of Terekbe’s efforts in continuing to grow and develop the Bethan Amba Eco-Village, located near Lalibela, Ethiopia, a place world-renown for its medieval-period Rock-Hewn Churches (a UNESCO World Heritage site), in the Western Ethiopian Highlands.

LOL BE Foundation

In 2022, LOL BE Foundation (LBF) was initiated for the purpose of unifying and stewarding the sacred lands at LOL BE, located near the village of Xocchel, Yucatán, Mexico, and fulfilling Hunbatz Men’s ultimate vision of LOL BE becoming a thriving cultural learning center, once again welcoming students and travelers from around the world to experience the art, science, and spirituality of the traditional Maya Itza people, in harmony and connection with other indigenous worldviews.

In addition to land stewardship, the Foundation aims to archive, maintain, preserve, and disseminate the teachings, publications, writings, videos, curricula, and international relations developed by Hunbatz Men, over his lifetime.


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The Movement

Here is the upcoming schedule of THE MOVEMENT | New Earth .:. New Time, a new monthly online broadcast event occurring on Day 19 of each Moon of the 13:28 calendar.

Dec 31

Rhythmic Moon, Day 19

Jan 28

Resonant Moon, Day 19

Feb 25

Galactic Moon, Day 19

Mar 25

Solar Moon, Day 19

Apr 22

Planetary Moon, Day 19

May 20

Spectral Moon, Day 19

Jun 17

Crystal Moon, Day 19

Jul 15

Cosmic Moon, Day 19

About PR1328

Planet Restoration (PR1328) is a purpose-based media platform that amplifies regenerative arts and culture in order to raise awareness, transform consciousness, and inspire action. PR1328 also promotes timeless indigenous wisdom and perspectives from Earth peoples and concerned planetary citizens, all around the world.

PR1328 represents the planetary restoration of consciousness to the natural timing frequency of 13 months of 28 days each (13 x 28 = 364 + 1 “Day Out of Time” to complete one solar orbit).

Most turtles have 13 large scutes (scales) encircled by 28 smaller scutes on their shells, yet another example of Nature’s timing frequency pattern.

Also, the numbers 13 and 28 are embedded into our biology. The human skeletal system, providing the structural form for the body to move, comprises 13 major joints: 2 ankles + 2 knees + 2 hips + 2 wrists + 2 elbows + 2 shoulders = 12 +1 neck = 13. Similarly, the phalanges or finger bones are 14 in number; 3 for each finger, and 2 for the thumb. 14 phalanges x 2 hands = 28.

The human female reproductive system is governed by a menstrual cycle that is an average of 28 days. This cycle has been disrupted at a mass scale by the irregularity of the Gregorian calendar.

The 13-month, 28-day calendar re-harmonizes human bio-rhythms with the cycles of Nature. By re-attuning ourselves to an accurate and natural timing standard, we are correcting the “error in time”, realigning with our own internal nature, supporting the rebalancing of Earth, and moving in the direction of personal and planetary evolution.

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